Which Diva Will Reign Supreme At The Grammys?
January 11, 2010, 7:14 pm
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Lady GaGa Peforms "Paparazzi" at the '09 VMAS

Lady GaGa had an amazing year in 2009. Every single she released became successful, and her crazy performances made her the “IT” girl of the year. And we can’t forget her outrageous choice of clothing which has gotten her plenty of attention. Her debut album “The Fame” was made up of some catchy pop songs that GaGa made 10 times better when she perfomed. Now her sophmore album “The Fame Monster” sees GaGa growing up and getting better. The songs talk about a lot more this time, and her performances continue to break barriers. But one thing GaGa hasn’t done is perform at the Grammy’s. Will Lady GaGa’s extreme choice of fashion and performances work for the Grammys?


Beyonce and Tina Turner Perform "Proud Mary" At the Grammy's

Beyonce is, no doubt, the best performer of the decade. Who else has had the impact Beyonce has had on the stage? She has also had unstoppable success with her albums. All three of her solo LP’s went #1 and have gone on to sell millions. Beyonce also seems to be the Queen of the Grammys for the 00’s decade. Beyonce has had a number of legendary performances during the Grammys, more than any other arist of the decade. She performed with Prince during the 46th Grammys, and the same night performed again. She also performed with Tina Turner in 2008, which is pictured above. However, it is a new decade, and there is now more competition. Will Beyonce continue to own the Grammys this decade?


Taylor Swift Performs "You Belong With Me" During the '09 VMA's

2009 was a big year for Taylor. What most say was an unfortunate night for Taylor Swift when she got bullied by Kanye West at the VMA’s, actually turned out to be the beginning of many good days for Taylor. Her fame shot up quickly after the incident, mostly because of sympathy for the incident. She ended up going on many talk shows, which gave her the chance to not only talk about the incident, but promote her own stuff. Taylor seems to be the “type” that will win many awards come January 31st, but will her performance live up to her hype?


Pink Performs at the '09 VMAS

Believe it or not, apart from the 2002 Lady Marmalade performance, Pink has never performed at the Grammys! This year will mark her first solo performance at the show after her 10 years as a singer. Pink is always one to shock during her performances, so it will be interesting to see what she does compared to Lady GaGa, who is also known to shock during her performances. Pink has always seemed like a rebel, whether its in her music, performances, or appearances. Do you think Pink has it in her to crush her competition at this years Grammys?

The Grammys will air January 31st, 2010 at 8PM EST.


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