Whitney Houston Insults Today’s “Dark” Performers!
March 18, 2010, 9:50 pm
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In a new interview for her current tour, Whitney Houston made a powerful statement about some of todays musicians. She said that in todays world, with all the War and Earthquakes, musicians to to be singing about Love, and not be “dark”.

Come on, we all know she is talking about LADY GAGA. She confirmed this by saying some of todays artists wear “holloween costumes”. Who else in the industry wears clothing like that; only GaGa. And I have to say, Whitney needs to shut her mouth. She completely contradicted herself when she was asked about her 80’s costumes by saying that it was OK for her and Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Etc., because were  “performers”. Well that exactly what GaGa is doing. She is a performer and she is trying to start a movement.

No artist other then Beyonce since the new millenium has put in the effort that GaGa is putting in today to make music cultural, and that “shock-factor” that Pop music is all about. I bet that in the future GaGa will look back and laugh at some of her costumes, but today it’s what needs to be done to bring some life back to the music industry. I also agree with what Whitney said about some of these so-called “dark” artists not needing the extra stuff to be successful. Lady GaGa has an AMAZING voice, and always moves me when she’s just at the piano singing her heart out. But if that was all she did, it would get old and boring so fast.

P.S. – Someone who doesn’t even have a voice anymore, shouldn’t be talking about any other musician.


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