Album Review: Scissor Sisters – “NIGHT WORK”
July 9, 2010, 3:10 pm
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I’ve always said that I was meant to live in the late 70’s or early 80’s, and that something went wrong and I was born during one of the most boring times in music. But Scissor Sisters have given me some “Invisible Light” with their latest record. “Night Work” is pretty much a homage to all the amazing artists of the disco era with a modern twist. This album could’ve been a complete fail, but the addicting lyrics and fun beats make it a success. I’m in love with all the songs on the album, and can honestly say that it is my guilty pleasure. You know, the type of record you play when your driving on the highway late at night when your driving too fast for anyone to notice it’s you blasting the music at full volume. The album’s best songs are, the sneakily over-sexual “Whole New Way”, the first single “Fire With Fire”, and my personal favorite “Skin Tight”. Skin Tight features some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard, “When you get tired of holding me tight, remember it’s how I stay alive.”

The only place the album loses power is in the vocal department. There isn’t one song on the album where we see any significant notes being sung, and I never felt any power in the vocals on any song, which is important with every album, but especially an album full of dance numbers; you need at least one or two songs with power vocals. I can say that I will be playing this album all summer long, and maybe even while driving in the daytime.

M.O.G. RATING: 7.5/10




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