September 9, 2010, 1:06 am
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I completely fell in love with Robyn after hearing Body Talk Pt. 1, and am definitely a loyal fan of her now. Her voice is amazing, and her music is actually a breath of fresh air compared to some of the pop music out today. The second installment of the Body Talk series leaked a while ago, but I wanted to wait until the album was released to review it. Honestly, I think this album is one of the best records released this year. Personally, it’s not as good a Body Talk Pt. 1, but it’s still amazingly addicting. Each track is special and memorable, and I love the fact that there are only 8 tracks. Even with such few songs, the album is better then a lot of stuff out.

1. In My Eyes – This wasn’t really a great opener for the album, and it’s one of the least memorable on the album, but it’s still a good track. The beat is cool, and the lyrics are nice, but it’s definitely not a single track. 4/10

2. Include Me Out – At first I wasn’t really feeling this one, but it has grown on me since then. The bridge is the best part of the song, with Robyn singing “Can I get a bang bang, for all of my whatchamacallits doing whatever and with whoever they like,” a line that I just could never get out of my head. 6/10

3. Hang With Me – The acoustic version is 10 times better then this one. It seems like the beat doesn’t go with the vocals, or maybe I just love the acoustic version too much and I’m biased. I don’t mean that it’s a bad song, because it is great. The track in itself is classic and great, but something about the vocals isn’t right. I love this song though and think it deserves more success then it has. 6/10

4. Love Kills – My second favorite song on the album. “If your looking for love, get a heart made of steel cause you know that love kills.” The song is simple, but completely genius. It definitely has the most potential to be a worldwide hit after “Dancing On My Own”. This sounds like one of those amazing dance songs from the 80’s, as do a lot of songs on both Body Talk albums. 8/10

5. We Dance To The Beat – I don’t know what was the point of putting this on the album. It doesn’t really do anything lyrically or musically. There is no buildup or bridge in the song, and the verses are too robotic. The only good thing about the song is when Robyn sings, “We Dance To The Beat”, which seems to be the only sung line in the song. 3/10

6. Criminal Intent – “SOMEBODY ALERT THE AUTHORITIES I GOT CRIMINAL INTENT!” This song is FIRE! No doubt the hottest beat and most energetic song on the album. If Robyn want’s another hit in the U.S., this must be a single. Robyn rides the beat perfectly, and the swag is unbelievable. 8/10

7. U Should Know Better – It’s okay, nothing great. Snoop Dogg is a nice touch and seems to mix well with Robyn’s style. The chorus does get annoying; it’s the only song on the album that I can only listen to once before getting tired of it. 5/10

8. Indestructible (Acoustic Version) – When I say this song is epic, I mean it’s FUCKING EPIC! My favorite song on the album, and second favorite Robyn song ever. Robyn’s emotional vocals are haunting, and the violins add to the suspense of the song. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it, and I listen to it quite often. I recommend that Robyn releases this as a single, promotes the hell out of it, and makes this a classic hit. I really don’t want to hear the up-tempo version of the song, I feel like the greatness of this version will be ruined by some dance track. 9/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

ORDER ALBUM HERE! (Released 09/07/10)


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