March 31, 2011, 6:59 pm
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Natalia Kills caught my eye when she released her single, “Mirrors”, and I saw pictures of this very interesting looking girl all over the internet. I listened to a few of her songs and immediately became hooked. There’s something truly intriguing about Kills. She has a unique voice, and a cool sense of style. I also liked that her music seemed consistant; every song has a similar sound, which is like a Natalia Kills staple.

I was really rooting for Natalia, and I was anxiously awaiting this album her debut album, “Perfectionist”, which was released today internationally. In all honesty, the album disappointed me a whole lot. There isn’t much variety in the record, and at some point during the middle of the album it seemed like I was listening to one very long song. The beats are all too similar, and there aren’t almost any songs that I can see being successful on radio. My biggest disappointment, however, is that there aren’t any standout vocals on any song. I was expecting to hear at least one song with great vocals, but it never came. The more emotional songs were underwhelming. Some of the songs might grow on me, but for now, this album was not what I expected at all.

  1. Wonderland (8/10) – If there is any song on the album that might be a hit, then this is it. It’s a great pop record, with catchy lyrics, and a sick beat.
  2. Free (8/10) – Easily, the best song on the album. It’s the stand out track in every way – lyrically, vocally, and production-wise. It’s the most original song on the album and also the most relatable. I’d love to see how big this song could get with good promotion. More songs like this would have made the album much better.
  3. Break You Hard (6/10) –  The beat is sick, and the chorus is catchy, but those are the only good things about it.
  4. Zombie (5/10) – Too unoriginal. I actually like this song, but it’s just catchy.
  5. Love Is a Suicide (4/10) – Boring and generic.
  6. Mirrors (7/10) – Although the song is a carbon copy of Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance”, it is extremely catchy and has great lyrics.
  7. Not In Love (3/10) – I was waiting and waiting, but the song never went anywhere.
  8. Acid Annie (4/10) – This song had potential to be the best song on the album, but Natalia’s underwhelming vocals ruined it.
  9. Superficial (5/10) – A Standout lyrically and vocally, but once again the beat is too generic.
  10. Broke (5/10) – It’s just OK.
  11. Heaven (4/10) – The song is good, until you get to the chorus.
  12. Nothing Lasts Forever (5/10) – Another OK track.
  13. If I Was God (6/10) – One of my favorites. Her voice actually sounds great, but I don’t like the chorus.

M.O.G. RATING: 5/10


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this album is absolutely incredible! BEST album i’ve heard in a while.. worth a lot more than a 5/10 …

Comment by juliana

I agree with you, but the only tracks I liked were Mirrors, Wonderland, Love Is A Suicide & Break You Hard. The rest is very weak, they sound like b-sides.

Comment by G

OK, I’m not sure what you were looking for. A dance record? Maybe your scoring system is always very critical, but I would say, after buying the album and listening to it several times, it is at least an 8, on anybody’s standards. I adored Free when it leaked, but now, Broke, Nothing Lasts Forever, and If I Was God easily murder it. And what’s wrong with Not In Love? You wouldn’t call the multilayering of the three vocal parts at the end ‘going somewhere’? And Love Is A Suicide is an amazing track! I’m shocked at this review, because I am hard pressed to find a better pop album this year (Femme Fatale included; I’ve already stopped listening to it since Perfectionist dropped).

Comment by Qwerty

I don’t get why everyone is so convinced that “Mirrors” is “Just Dance.” Other than them both being synth and a tad slutty, I don’t see the similarities. Could you enlighten me on that point of view? “Acid Annie” is just awful, but I liked a loved several of the other tracks on this album.

Comment by Brian Laughman

‘Heaven’ was a break from the auto-strained synth snare that overwhelmed Kills vocals on most of the album. (is the Konvict shoutout enough to draw Mirrors/JustDance comparisons? shit sounded more Die Another Dayish to me)

Comment by Colt Cannon

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