Beyoncé To Release ‘Groundbreaking’ Fourth Album In June!
April 2, 2011, 4:36 pm
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Sony Music Australia’s Head Chief, Denis Handlin, has revealed exclusive information about sixteen-time Grammy winner Beyoncé’s upcoming LP. After flying to New York last week and attending a special listening party of some of the tracks on the album, Handlin had nothing but amazing things to say about the ‘Single Ladies’ singer’s fourth album. “It was just amazing. These songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking; she’s gone to another level.”

Handlin also revealed that Beyoncé is planning a “big tour” with this album, which will include Australia as one of the many dates. Not only that, but he also revealed that the much anticipated album will be released in late June. Perfect timing it seems, since Beyoncé will be headlining the Glastonbury Festival on June 26. This also further solidifies rumors that Beyoncé will be releasing the first single of the album late April, which is rumored to be titled ‘Girl’.

It seems like only yesterday when the world (and YouTube) was going crazy over the hit song ‘Single Ladies’, which won Song of The Year at the Grammy’s last year. Many argue that Beyoncé is overexposed, but her last album, “I Am…Sasha Fierce” was released in 2008, almost three years ago, and Beyoncé has not released any more music since. She has also been completely out of the limelight since early 2010 when her “I Am…Tour” wrapped up in Trinidad. Beyoncé is definitely not overexposed, and the world will see that when they go crazy over her new music, which looks like it will completely out of this world. With inspiration from Fela Kuti, The Stylistics, Michael Jackson, and Lauryn Hill, it’s not surprising to see Denis Handlin use the word ‘Groundbreaking’ to describe her new music. [SOURCE]


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Great blog entry. I can’t wait for Bey Season to decend on her like a Grade 5 Hurricane and snatch as many in her path as possible. #RoundIV and #LongLivetheQueen

Comment by Curtwill

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