Album Review: Lady GaGa – “Born This Way”
May 19, 2011, 8:39 pm
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I was a huge supporter of Lady GaGa from the moment I watched her music video for ‘Paparazzi’. Her debut album, “The Fame”, and following EP, “The Fame Monster”, are both amazing albums, and there is no doubt that GaGa livened up this once stale music industry. Like many others, I was excited to hear her new album, which GaGa herself said would be the “best album of the decade”. When the first single, ‘Born This Way’, was released, I was disappointed to find that it was a carbon copy of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. What I loved about “The Fame Monster”, was the originality of it. “Bad Romance” wasn’t only a catchy song, but an innovative masterpiece with a controversial theme.

I have to say that most of GaGa’s new album follows in the footsteps of the first single. None of it is original, and the overproduced tracks make it almost hard to listen to. I expected much more from an artist who made such an impact when she came onto the scene in 2008. The lyrical content in the songs aren’t all that bad, it’s the production that messes this album up. Some of the songs, such as “Marry The Night”, start off great, but after the beat kicks in, we’re in for a really bad headache. I’m sure that America will still eat this up, seeing as in most of the song on the Billboard Hot 100 are similar to the songs on ‘Born This Way – Generic and Bland. Look for a song by song review below.

  1. Marry The Night – Beautiful opening, reminiscent of Irene Cara’s hit “What a Feeling”. Then a horrible over-produced instrumental kicks in, that makes you easily forget how great the song started off. (6/10)
  2. Born This Way – Unoriginal, insincere, and corny. The song is catchy and fun, but too similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. The message is great, however, and an inspiring song for the LGBT community. (6/10)
  3. Government Hooker – Nothing really happens in this song, except some random demonic screaming, and random lyrics. The vocal delivery is on point though. From the title, I expected this to be a much deeper song. (5/10)
  4. Judas – I was surprised when I heard this song, that it follows the techno-inspired trend many artist have been using lately. There’s nothing special about this except the controversial religious theme. (4/10)
  5. Americano – This is the song I was looking forward to the most and I’m terribly disappointed. The acoustic version performed by GaGa in Mexico a few weeks ago is probably my favorite vocal performance by GaGa, but the studio version’s production is horrid. Mariachi and Techno are two things that don’t mesh well together, and it shows on this track. This is a great song lyrically, but if there were going to be one ballad on the album, ‘Americano’ should’ve been it. (6/10)
  6. Hair – A corny pop song that will probably do great on radio. Nothing great about it, and it seems like it was written using a thesaurus. (2/10)
  7. Sheibe – This song confuses me on what type of artist GaGa is. We have corny pop tracks, whiskey bar tunes, and then this attempt at a techno song. (3/10)
  8. Bloody Mary – Boring with a bland chorus. (2/10)
  9. Bad Kids – This song has a great intro. The production is more bearable than on the other songs, but the chorus is weak, as well as the lyrics. (4/10)
  10. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) – The song gets lost in the production. (2/10)
  11. Heavy Metal Lover – The lyrics are useless, and the production is too similar to other songs on the album (2/10)
  12. Electric Chapel – This is my personal favorite on the album. It reminds me of the GaGa I fell in love with in 2008. I love the lyrics, and the guitar is a nice addition. I love that this song doesn’t get lost in the production like most of the other songs on the album. (7/10)
  13. You & I – Hands down, the most memorable song on the album. The lyrics are beautiful, and it’s probably one of GaGa’s best vocal performances. The song would’ve been much better if they didn’t add the unnecessary additional instruments that take away from the vocals. Although I don’t think this album deserves any awards, if it were to win any, I think it should be for this song’s vocal performance. (7/10)
  14. Edge of Glory – Sounds like a blend of a 90’s sitcom theme song and a Pink song. Zero originality. The chorus is hella catchy though. (3/10)

M.O.G. RATING: 5/10


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I think your expectations for the album ultimately got the best of you. A good critic needs to be able to try to understand the artist’s changing aesthetic instead of judging it for what he/she expected the artist to create.

The album is lauded over for its innovative production, but I know that some people just don’t like heavy grungy beats. Just because it doesn’t = your taste doesn’t mean its bad production, it just means that you don’t personally like it. I don’t get why you expected the album to not sound that way because she described the album exactly the way it is in her interviews.

It is not un-original either. She draws from many different elements and creates her own industrial flavor of pop. No other artist makes us like this right now. I’m very impressed. At first I didn’t like her new direction, but I opened my mind a little bit and let these really great songs take over.

Her album is very much her own, the only thing geenric are these reviews of people who can’t look past their expectations.

Comment by Hamlet

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